$2 PENNY STOCK With Massive Upside Potential 🔥 New NASDAQ Listing💥 Buy Now Before It BOOMS?? 🚀🚀 (2023)


$2 PENNY STOCK With Massive Upside Potential. Analyst Buy Rating. Buy Now Before It BOOMS?? I share with you one of the best penny stocks to buy now - Cardiol Therapeutics Inc. (TSX: CRDL) (OTCQX: CRTPF) penny stock, which has a huge potential with lots of upcoming catalysts and recent news lined up. This top penny stock is a biotech penny stock with a potential for high growth penny stocks subject to FDA approval on the pipeline making it a prospective strong buy penny stock.

Cardiol Therapeutics Inc. (TSX: CRDL) (OTCQX: CRTPF) is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on developing innovative anti-inflammatory therapies, for the treatment of cardiovascular disease. This hot penny stock is also highly rated by analysts putting them amongst the best penny stocks to buy now.

The outlook of this top penny stocks puts it amongst the best small cap penny stocks to buy now.

So lots of catalysts lined up over the coming 12 months period giving it plenty of high growth upside and putting it amongst the best high growth penny stocks to buy now in 2021.

Also be informed that these small cap penny stocks are OTC traded only on OTCMKTS and can be purchased either on Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, E Trade, or Fidelity.

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This video is sponsored by Cardiol Therapeutics who has paid Corns Investing to provide the content. Corns Investing does not own shares in the company. This content is for informational purposes only.

penny stocks,penny stock,best penny stocks,penny stocks to buy now,penny stocks to buy,top penny stocks,small cap penny stocks,buy penny stocks,buy small cap stocks,biotech stocks,best biotech stocks,hot penny stocks,strong buy penny stocks,top penny stocks to buy,best penny stocks to buy now,best penny stocks 2021,penny stocks 2021,high growth penny stocks,penny stocks now,biotech penny stocks,crdl stock,biomed stock,crtpf stock,corns investing

penny stocks,penny stock,best penny stocks,penny stocks to buy now,penny stocks to buy,top penny stocks,small cap penny stocks,buy penny stocks,buy small cap stocks,


What's up everyone.

So in this video I'm going to be sharing with you one top biotech, penny stock, which has a bright outlook enhanced by the use of cannabidiol in improving heart failure.

This penny stock is going cheap right now or putting in a specific market with very attractive valuations subject to fda and has a solid drug discovery pipeline focusing on heart failure in covenanting patients.

And this makes it a very interesting long-term play.

So make sure you watch till the end.

So you don't miss out on what the ceo had to say about their focus and market opportunity.

Also like the video and turn on the notification bell to get these hot penny stocks.

Instantly I really appreciate it.

Thank you so much so let's get straight into it and talk cardio therapeutics, which is listed on the otc under the ticker number crtpf.

And also on the toronto stock exchange under the ticker.

Number crdl, its share price is now sitting at 2.25 and a market cap of 96 million dollars over the last month.

This penny stock is down 5.4 percent.

But yet today, the stock is up 5.1 and over 12 months, it is up 26.4 percent.

So this penny stock is down just under 50 from its highs of four dollars per share, which is hit in february.

And so goes to show how deeply on the value.

The spending stock is and what upside opportunities could exist with the stock on the right type of news and outlook.

So to put things in perspective, the best sector peer comparator is evaluation for gw, pharma.

Another cannabidiol-based pharmaceutical, which was acquired earlier in the year for 7.2 billion dollars by jazz farmer for successful completion of fda approval of their epiduralx.

The first marijuana derived drug to be approved in the united states, which generated sales of over 500 million dollars.

So, massive potential opportunities with this stock condition on successful fda trials cardiol is otcqx listed with an average of 20.8k shares today over a 30-day period.

And over 42.9 million shares outstanding cardio.

Therapeutics is a clinical stage biotechnology company, focus on developing innovative anti-inflammatory therapies for the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

The company recently received approval from the us fda for its investigational, new drug ind application to comment phase 2 phase 3, double blind, placebo control clinical trial investigating the efficacy and safety of its lead product.

The cardio rx in hospitalized over 19 patients with a prior history or risk of cardiovascular disease.

Cardiorex is an ultra pure high concentration, cannabidiol, oral formulation that is pharmaceutically produced the rationale for using cannabidiol to treat patients with cover 19 is based on extensive preclinical investigations by cardio and others in models of cardiovascular inflammation, which have demonstrated that cannabidiol has impressive anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic activity, and that it improves myocardial function in models of heart failure.

But before going any further let's hear from their ceo, david elsley on their company, their latest clinical trial results.

And what it means for chronic heart disease.

The team of cardiotherapeutics has worked in heart failure medicine now for about 30 years and at cardiol, we are now developing a very interesting molecule, which has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and we're targeting this at the root cause of heart disease or heart failure, which remains the leading cause of death and disability in the western world.

So we're very excited about the drug we're developing.

We believe it can transform the treatment of heart medicine and really improve patients lives and reduce a lot of mortality in the world today.

Yeah, you did recently report top line results from your phase one study to treat heart disease.

So give us a sense of what you found here sure.

So we in the phase one trial, this was designed, uh, first and foremost to confirm the safety profile of this drug we're developing the drug as cannabidiol.

You may know it it's been approved by the fda for the treatment of rare forms of epilepsy in children we're applying the same drug to the treatment of inflammation and cardiac disease and it's, very important that notwithstanding the extraordinary safety profile of this molecule that you do confirm it in a phase one trial.

So we randomized 52 subjects into this trial.

The drug was shown to be extraordinarily safe even at very high doses 10 times the typical dose folks would be taking normally for this.

And most importantly, though we also showed the drug was safe from a cardiac status point of view or an electrophysiology point of view.

And then finally we showed that when we administered the drug with food, it had a six to seven fold increase in blood levels.

And that is is really consistent with what we've always been saying that this is a lipophilic drug so it's, fat soluble and it's better absorbed by the body when taken with food.

And this trial has reaffirmed that or confirmed that and that's the dosing regimen we're.

Now, using in our large phase 2, 3 trial going on the states in high risk cardiac patients and our pending trial in acute myocarditis, which we're about to file for which is a devastating form of heart disease, because it remains the leading cause of sudden cardiac death in young folks, including children.

And you know separate to what you've been achieving here.

The group has also been trading on the otcqx for quite a while now, can you maybe talk about how this listing has benefited? The company sure the uh, the listing uh in the us has uh provided a platform, uh for the company as we embark upon these very important research initiatives in heart medicine in the united states, we're focused on the united states, because it is one of the well.

It is the largest healthcare market in the world and heart failure is devastating in that marketplace, it's a leading cause of hospitalization driving about 30 billion dollars in annual health care expenditures in the us alone.

So now that we have these u.s centric programs cleared by the fda and are being initiated it's in it's the platform on the otcqx provides a gateway for us to communicate, uh, the value proposition of our company, more broadly to a u.s investor audience.

So really interesting stuff, especially as they are targeting a market with mass market potential where over 6 million adults in canada and the us suffer from heart failure and about half of all the heart failure.

Patients suffer from diastolic heart failure.

Over the next 12 months.

They are looking to complete a number of milestones, including the complete enrollment of 422 patients.

In international phase 2, phase 3 cover 19 trial of cardio rx and obliques to nasdaq with a goal of significantly increasing u.s, investor awareness, which will drive institutional buying and consequently share price growth.

We have a top management team, which brings together a wealth of research and development experience advanced manufacturing capabilities business thought, leaders with extensive industry experience and expertise in commercializing, proprietary drugs, one of cardio's board of directors.

Colin stott was formerly on the team of gw pharma, which was bought over at a very high valuation.

So some strong experience in bringing companies to market with a massive growth in valuation during the past 18 months, the company has received over 50 million canadian dollars from equity, issuance and warrants.

And they estimate their losses for fiscal year 2021 to reach 19.1 million canadian dollars with no revenues while retaining a cash reserve of over 10 million canadian dollars for year, end 2021 to sufficient cash balance to successful commercialization by latest april 2022.

When the company expects to start generating revenues very rapidly casual has one analysis covering the stock with a buy rating, the analyst price target of 4.50 per share gives it an upside potential of over 100 over the next 12 months.

So really exciting times ahead.

Another analyst from gbc.

Ag, investment research covered the spending stock in june, giving it a 15.7 canadian dollar price target value till 31st, december 2021 up from 3 canadian dollars, which is very bullish and more than a 5x upside.

So really exciting outlook with this penny stock.

The top shareholders in cardio make up over 15 percent of the total holding and a combination of individuals and hedge funds, the largest shareholder is david elsley, the president and ceo with over 1.9 million shares with over 4.5 percent of the shares outstanding.

So really interesting to see strong levels of insider ownership on this talk, which goes to show their level of conviction on the outlook and having skin in the game for what they believe in so very interesting and exciting prospects.

I had for this penny stock, but only consider getting in if the price is right for you.

And if you fully understand the risk, this video is not financial advice, a buy or sell recommendation, but it's meant to bring some new and exciting penny stocks to your attention for you to do your own research.

As always I'd love to hear from you.

So please, let me know your thoughts on this penny stock in the comment section below.

And what other penny stocks are catching your eyes lately.

And if you're new to my channel, please ensure to subscribe and hit the bell.

So you're notified, when I upload new videos, if you'd like to see more videos like this just check out this video right here or this playlist right here to watch equally insightful content from the channel.

Thank you so much for being here.

And I look forward to having my next video.

Thank you.


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