G2 vs. SK - Week 2 Day 2 | LEC Summer | G2 Esports vs. SK Gaming (2023) (2023)


VoD of G2 Esports vs. SK Gaming
LEC Summer Split 2023 #LEC

Casters: Drakos and Vedius
Interview: Troubleinc with Mikyx

Full Line up:
G2 Esports Line up:
⦁ BrokenBlade - Top K'Sante
⦁ Yike - Jungle Maokai
⦁ Caps - Mid Syndra
⦁ Hans Sama - ADC Kog'Maw
⦁ Mikyx - Support Braum

SK Gaming Line up:
⦁ Irrelevant - Top Gwen
⦁ Markoon - Jungle Sejuani
⦁ Sertuss - Mid Azir
⦁ Exakick - ADC Aphelios
⦁ Doss - Support Lulu

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Foreign Sports versus SK gaming, SK have uh, it's been a bit of a struggle.

Yeah, lately, quite a quite a bit of time.

Actually so we'll see if they can step up against G2 today, because if there's one thing you can rely on G2 to do it's surprise, you the last year would be surprising, but let's see who's got the engine draft as we get ready for picks and bands.

Yes, Berlin Channel, your energy into it like a Spirit Bomb of public opinion, I like that.

The teams have kind of unofficially just agreed to Mutual band, UV, Emilio.

You know, yeah, it's like both red and blue lose a bear.

You know, I agree there.

It is the blue side, Yumi band into red side, Emilio band.

This is like one of the most stock standard picker bands that we normally see normally maokai or Nico would follow up next, depending on what G2 want to prioritize Emilio.

First, though Draven, they want to see Han summer Draven or they want a band Han.

So that means Nico or maokai is up.

And let me tell you JuJu's locking in either like, uh, yeah.

They will pick either one of those are they cooking this game or are they going to keep it stock? Standard is the question on SK.

What are you gonna let them have? What is your plan? Maybe they both open.

Maybe you trade is that a good deal Nico's.

The choice maokai for sejuani would be super cool that would be so sick and unheard of so now hyper now, locked in obviously just very strong, don't jump, don't, you dare SK don't maokai.

What about trundle, no actually Wukong has not been hitting I, love marcoon on a jungler that ganks, you know what? I mean we saw Canyon do that one time at Worlds, and we all had a great time, but it wasn't about games.

Kane just did some wacky stuff in the jungle path.

Oh look, it's.

A failure by any chance are we going to see a very Lulu response? Well, I always hover into you, but I I am guessing, Zary, Lulu, oh fans.

This is exactly what do you wanna? I'm.

Sorry, I'm.

Sorry, I, don't know, if they're convinced that you actually want to see the Draven Berlin, that's old news, that's spicy time to Google forgot, what all those abilities it's, the spitting void monster, that's all I needed rageblade that's.

What we expect right? Yeah, I mean, unless there's, sometimes that I haven't seen Infinity, Edge Falls called highest DPS item.

For sure the question is, uh, do they have something special hooked up for, but certainly bromco a lot of sitters scaling 80 carries going Toe to Toe.

So while we might see a game that's all about late game, uh, at least the 80 carries are keeping it.

So what abilities do? You? Remember? Um, there's bio Arcane barrage, which I'm pretty sure is the caustic spittle void ooze.

Living artillery is W is the the by working brush.

So I know, I, don't, remember, the passive a Cathy and surprise? Oh, my God that's right years of conditioning like Spartans trained from birth to be soldiers.

Remove armor, yes, attack speed.



Shreds armor match resistance.

Um people have complained about passive for a long time, though, but yeah, true someone gets full value out of it.


The yeah, that's.

A classic joke, right? There maximizing passive value.


So for now Jay's still gonna be banned away, uh makes sense when you have a Brom on the enemy team don't want to give them any of that double 80k.

What if the Twisters again, G2 Cog, mid, AP, yeah, static shift night, Harvester.

What if that's the, but you know what? I mean, you've always got to be mindful again, I see a zebra.

Well, G2 I think, we're the zebra teeth, they're again, they're, the team that you're never allowed to think horse.

You've always got to expect the uh, the unexpected, because they could have just picked Draven here, which given what we've seen from Montana this year would have made a lot I'm, just also saying, kogmore used to be a counter to Azia.

So if azir is locked in as well, maybe they can see into the future you're, keeping it you're like the angles here.

Now felio's top was played a couple times.

So this could be a dream [, __ ] in here.

Yeah, I think, it's, shy.

But I think it's solo queue, oh okay.

And he was also much more op on that particular patch.


So it's easier it's, the scaling Showdown.

So what are we gonna get G2? Obviously, Top, Lane, somewhere cassante, probably gonna be locked in maokai kasante is probably the most common blue side.

Second rotation draft, I've, seen you obviously have a lot of options front to back still the name of the game for both sides.

Unsurprisingly, when are we gonna get born back? Is my question, how how deep into the sauce? Wow, who could have seen it coming all? Right? Oh, oh we cooking G2 this.

Oh, this would be a bold decision.

Yeah, all of these things are very important.

Yeah, none of it's happening.

Don't, get excited.




What are they doing? Wow, syndra.


All right? Right? It's.

A mage, it's cap, syndra, it's, fine, good setup.

We can enjoy that a lot of magic damage though between mid and jungle it's gonna make things easy for EXO.

If he just wants to go away as well on the other side, this is basically what we saw last game.

Yeah and uh, syndra.

Instead of a Casio.


So the scaling not really matched on the side of G2 they're gonna need to kind of do double duty here.

Well, this is my question.

What does cognore scaling look like in the current 80 carry landscape? Because I'm gonna be honest I have not seen like a lot like I can't.

Remember, the last time I really watched a full-on professional game called why no it has been played.

Yeah, I think lck or LPL have had a couple games here, or there I'm just looking at solo queue, but that's, a good show we'll check it out.

But, um, yeah, I'm excited to see how it like scales in the landscape.

One of kog'emo's biggest issues in the past is always his Mobility.

He was a easy 80 carry to kill, um, well, a champion that can have obviously a massive amount of damage.

You can put out a ton of damage control through entire Tank.

Lines, um could do a ton of work here.

Even on one or two items, historically, a champion that you've uh, you've had like the Tank come off with the Lulu where it's been able to build random ones.

And you still do a million damage.

You had to stand still that happened for I.

Think exactly like four or five patches where he was able to stand still and have 5.0 attack speed and just murder everyone.

That was my favorite cogma I took that away from us.

Understandably, I, remember, the good old days of Lulu kogmore, you know, yeah, combo.

Wow, we're gonna be talking a lot about cogba in this game.

So brace yourself it's time for G2 versus SK I.

So the wonderful stats team have been for me.

There were three games of kogmore in the LPL.


I did not watch those games nor did I.

But uh, I am familiar with 30 seconds, elk, played it.

And uh, kind of as expected ginsu's does seem to be the name of the game.

Fantastic item have not seen it built.

So when lethal Tempo originally came out was one of the biggest abusers, because you used to be able to break the attack speeds, oh yeah, limits.

And so like his W, I mean, he still can't just did so much.

It was just crazy how much attack speed you had.

It was, uh.

It was wild I hear you shout out to the SK fans, stand strong, but as support want to try and balance out the crowds, obviously, G2 or audience is often very prominent.

Oh, they're, fighting back now.

Active level.

One here swertres had a difficult game yesterday as LeBlanc into the syndra see if he can recover the fans already finding out G2 gonna start in the enemy, blue buff, the Deep Vision already invested here, but they're gonna be spotted so Marco should know exactly what's up here.

We go Wars kind of littered everywhere for early information, but G2, potentially splitting the map here wanted to make sure that hansama has some safety we'll.

See what one two guy does do oh, of course, early see.

(Video) G2 vs. SK - Week 2 Day 2 | LEC Summer | G2 Esports vs. SK Gaming (2023)

This is the thing called early game, it's still very powerful.

Um, you do have a lot of damage just by taking the W, but obviously Tony within that W window, where you are lethal.

So it's kind of like small burst trades.

So if Mickey can land the queue follow that up with a W, you can do a lot of damage.

Yeah, you have a lot of potential as well.

When you lay down the slow field with the Brom to to find that immediate CCX, kick wisely, packing cleanse in this Lane dodging, the wards here, yeah, it shouldn't have information.

A question mark ping did come through Yak is a little suspicious.

We use the sapling to spot out if there is any potential marcoon.

Does he want the objective? No, he wants the tree.

He needs to Smite here if he can get it and get the Smite, the cube the lockup he does manage to get it.

Now he needs to get out he's got level, three, Advantage, circus collapsing.

He's gonna go forward still just trying to hold on there's, no way.

The passive, oh he's getting so many resources, they're committing so much just trying to keep marcoon alive yike now on the retreat, walking back into the tower, First Blood going over to cerse, not too bad all things considered yeah, yike realized that he just needed the queue off cooldown to secure that kill.

He needed one more Auto at the end of it.

But it wasn't quite enough, which means that Mark goon walks away with his life in the blue, but I've handed over to certos while Marco does lose some camps and he's unlikely going to be able to get those back because yeah, he makes his way back out onto the map at least searches will be able to start off the laning phase of the blue buff and First, Blood and he's going to need it.

His caps has pressure hasn't had to burn too much Mana, mostly focus on getting that push.

The circus did have to leave Lane, but yike was already two camps ahead, um, because he's able to Smite that away.

Sorry, that's.

What cemented the two can't believe it could have been dead, even and he's got the XP Advantage? Well, over marcoon at this point is irrelevant.

Bullying on the top side, this Gwen, looking better and better against casante as we see it more and more here in the OAC I mean, I'll also just say that I think a relevant's one of the best laning light, uh, laning, top laners that we have in the league yike making his way back towards Bart threading.

The dive, you get the lock up here and break a book down.

They need to back wave this one.

But the roon is there Mickey overstaying Guardian will not good patience for Mexico to wait on the roof there to ensure that they get something back to pull back from broken.

Boy, not quite gonna connect good use of the Mist relevant stepping back a very botched dive there from uh G2.

So it just down a bit of danger.

Yeah, he's not done yet.

The flashback he can knock him back out of tower range.

Do they have enough damage to finish third test here, yeah, needs to back away, but marcoons still only level two.

He has not gotten another Camp he's at 4cs.

Yeah, like stealing away.

The second spawn of the Raptors knowing that he doesn't have support from his mid lane as you rightly said, he's so far behind right now, yike, of course, losing that first Blood wasn't ideal, but punishing circus and getting his flash out.

So it just did a smart thing of trying to flash underneath the tower to then lock up yike with the assistance to maku.

Maybe they could have turned that into a Kill nikido in a threatening position here, can they really do anything with the wave where it is I think just trying to Zone off.

So they can't poke consists let's, just go back to that dive earlier because so basically what happened was Mickey dived ignited.

And then was like he has a purple gun I'm now, dead, um, yike, didn't follow up on the play.

They weren't confident in committing to the dive, which means that Mickey just kind of gave away his life and it's.

One of the things where I can't really blame Mickey for it, because like he's just following the call right he's taking that initial Tower aggro.

He goes in with the w applies the Q applies the ignite and like he's done his job.

Now, it's the responsibility of Jake and hansai to make the dive happen, but marcoon covering.

So that was the main reason why they didn't execute on the diet.

They see the enemy jungler and they realize, oh, actually, we can't commit to this dive anymore.


And I think it's important to note that there were no camps on the bottom side for marcoons.

So they did not anticipate.

Yeah that you're right? So it seems like the second they saw marcoon they're like plays off and Mickey's like, oh, okay.





No problem at all.

So again, not really Mickey's fault.

He's just kind of following the call that yeah, still overall for G2.

Not a great play.

Even if it's not individually Mickey's fault.

It is going to cost him a little bit, but still Han Solo holding on to a 200 gold lead opting for the early boots, too, uh.

And also like here's.

What the good news is for Mickey there's, a whole level, jungle gap between like, uh, it's, it's, massive because 42 to 16 the Cs score.

Yes, it's yike has been on a clinic with in terms of camps being cleared.

And that is a huge XP Advantage.

You can see Marco has less XP than Dost does so um, that's gonna be big when it comes to contesting some of these early dragons, which with the prime that they do have in bot Lane right now, maybe they can look to convert this marcoon makes his way into the bot River caps deciding to hold the lane.

If you choose to push this out, you can look to collapse right now, that's, not the priority.

Instead he's gonna let this slow push towards him.

Yeah, if you're an LPL fan, you've heard of feed the puppy that's, the uzi Strat, can you defeat that his old school? They need to feed marcoon.

He beats to Farms.

He needs to eat pigs will eat anything.

Please just feed him he's so far behind an XP see if it costs him, though top side, potential all-ins at every single trade.

But as long as you decide, Burns they're, all it's just gonna be about at all of pressure again, Berlin hungers for blood.

They want more a bit quiet game.

I mean, sk2 gold, though dead, even the only person who has a gold lead on the side of G2 right now is Yik which again, not super impactful.

When you're a first strike jungle a Russian demonic, it will be definitely more impactful than full tank, uh, maokai, but would love to have that gold on to Cog.

First item, second item for Cog, very big for those interested it's.

Not a surprise behind some is maxing his W.

Yes, you always do usually use the max Q I'm, assuming it's still the same just because of the more attack speed value that it gives you.

Maybe the tech has changed, though maybe you want a big or slow, maybe he goes to hybrid build here with some more AP.

Once that nice, juicy burst to the voidus, yeah, rage play is a nice Spike I think for cogwall.


Excellent first item, obviously, any Champion with natural on-hit effects, it's going to synergize super strongly with yep, yep, yep, kog'maw, you know, I'm, hoping that it's, not some weird like no people just trying to Triforce, uh, you know, a few other leagues as well.

The Gambit 80 carrying.

Do you remember him? Uh, Kendra.

It was Genji.

Yep, yeah.

Time Lord.




Ganjo was the original Trinity Force kog'maw attack.

My favorite is when people are like five years later, the item, but never mind hold that thought, Yik getting pulled back into the rest of the team, Three Stacks, waiting for the fourth of the problem.

But searches is here as well yike is going to be in trouble.

The second time he's gonna die in this exact same area there's.

No way out search is happy to have this kill and SK doing a great job.

It's just matching all the plays.

The G2 are just kind of just trying to over Force.

Well, the the biggest thing is just collapsing first twice.

Now, he's been able to get to the play before caps this time around g2's bot Lane was there to assist unlike that initial jungle invade, but uh, the fact, the circus isn't even getting punished that hard sure he's losing a little bit of Cs now he'll like to lose this cannon, but he's still ahead in Gold because he's been able to find two kills so he's matching caps without any problems and he's keeping his jungler relevant.

Now marcoon is hit level.

Six that XP cap has been closed and you'll see here that like you look at this Midway.

The mid lane is most important search is just sacrificing that way to collapse with his team.

Jack then W's as uh marcoon goes over the wall that puts him in a very awkward spot.

He chooses not to flash early, which I think is the mistake here.

But I guess, at that point I was thinking, oh, he's just accepted his fate.

But then he chooses to flash anyway and loses the Summoner spell and really marcoon good cue over the wall, separates the team obviously when the Brahm is here to body block, a lot of that damage it's hard to follow up Auntie Ike, but SK doing a very good job of just punishing G2 here, gold sliding paper, G2, still, not a lot to be talking about.

But once this Herald is taken the local world's gonna be big there as well as potential to take down a few more plates that said, it is gonna cost him a plate on the top side.

His broken plate is uncontested.

Okay, Harold secured plate.

Secured that's, great, Drake's, I have to ask a very serious question, I, feel like it's, not gonna be very am I.

The only one that sees the bonfire from, um Souls games.

When I look at the the pendant that's, what I see that's all I see rest weary traveler, but that's a line of dialogue, I mean, I never actually played doctors I know, every day I've tried to convince you so many times, oh, man, you don't have a jump.

I can never play a game without a joke.

You know, what you have done that's I've learned recently, apparently very difficult.

You've killed the monkey in Sakira.


We've done that.


So a lot of people are struggling with it.

Yeah, one person more than anyone else I've ever seen.

So, uh, wait until he sees the other one great game would recommend.

(Video) G2 vs SK Highlights | LEC Summer 2023 W2D2 | G2 Esports vs SK Gaming

Yeah, using the division control is trying to contest this.

One objective I think, he's already burned.

The unbreakable now relevant to the backside, just gonna try to tear through Han Solo, cat's gonna look for the disengage role, but not quite quick enough.

You can't see the cinder, so he can't stop it.

But the Miss coming out irrelevant.

Not done coasting just trying to zoom in DOS now, ready to back him up big damage coming in for the center.

Can they finish off this Gwen? Oh, my God follow up search a sleeping in cleaning up kills caps.

Now, under the tower marcoon gonna drop the herald in the second The Herald aggros from the tower.

Now SK can collapse on this intro.

There is no way out clean play.

Yes, G2 get the dragon.

But that is not a good trade.

This is SK just punishing g2's execution, every single time, they're getting the better of their opposition.

They now have a 1.5.


Gold leads six kills to zero.

They did lose the Drake, but they're in such a commanding position.

Right now certis is just picking up kill after kill after kill he's at four.

Now, the Andrews is completed SK.

They need wins right now.

They find themselves at the bottom of the standings.

The dragon started here via he secures it.

The TP collapse comes in from irrelevant from behind.

It can't be matched by broken leg.

Cats is in such an awkward position, completely isolating the fight in three fronts as you have the affilios throwing the ultimate from over the wall, rooting up, yike Mickey being isolated from the rest of his team and then hansai being chased down by irrelevant.

And then when caps does arrive irrelevant, doesn't care with the assistance of DARS, he's able to force them, both back surtis then has to flash in to secure the kill.

And with nowhere to go caps has to lose his life, too what a great fight from SK and a great collapse from irrelevant.

We talked about how I think he's one of the strongest laners in the league right now.

But his Gwen performance is already looking very strong, massive impact in the team fight.


And staying close Broken Blade and overall gold from The Kills from the assist from the presence in those fight, despite Broadway getting so many plates in the individual 1v1 Gwen now with a bit more sustained, maybe can start to take over the lane.

Overall coordination has just really been there from the side of SK.

And for G2, like you can see how important Mickey is to keeping Han safe when he steps forward when he uses that unbreakable, if they can't immediately win the fight in the duration of that, cooldown it's so hard for them to play out the rest and marcoon as well opting for, you know, more damage amplification here, if he can find the CZ, not a lot of other sources of hard CC, but still like the purchase, yeah, rageblade has been finished cap.

Still working towards his first item, tell you right now, it's mid lane, that's, super annoying.

When you've just been laning, think you're, leaning pretty well, because you press time you see you have a CS Advantage he's like why does he have four kills guys, that's, five thousand, gold ahead and be honest searches struggled yesterday had a rough day.

So this is a pretty nice day.

He's kind of been roaming first showing up to finish off these kills I don't think he's made any like crazy plays on his own.

Quite yet he's, mostly just kind of been the benefactor of so many other beneficiary, officiary that's right, said that yesterday and I noticed it.

And then I was like that's.

The Trap I always fall into too thing is I used to have it right in my head, but then what's the wrong.

One, the videos always says, what's that that's, the one I, remember more now, uh, bad news, syndra behind an items and worst champ.

As we get later in the game short of a perfect four-man, no winner we're gonna give him science have credit there on Saturday.


Yeah, it's a good one for caps doesn't needles, coming out, sniff, sniff, baby irrelevant smashing in the 1v1 that's, what the Glenn casante matchup supposed to look like, no getting bullied out of Lane.

This time irrelevant stand strong gets himself.

A solo kill cap does have the Flash looks like he's, not going to commit it, though, yeah, likely just gonna secure himself the tower.

But well played from SK 7-0 is the scoreline right now.

They just need to maintain this performance.

A win over G2 weirdly enough, right? This doesn't happen often but it's happened more often than you would expect.


And uh, we even joked about it right expectations coming into this game would be that G2 the heavy clear favorites, especially with sk's recent performance.

So what's likely to happen.

Juju's, probably gonna lose, um.

And we find ourselves 15 minutes into the game.

7-0 is the scoreline, a 1.5 K gold deficit.

Isn't, the biggest definitely a world where G2 comes back into this game.

But really this has been G2 over forcing overstepping.


And SK have just been there to punish.

And the thing is I credit asking also credit to marcoon because his early game was rough, despite the fact that they got the kill on the yike, um he's, still wildly far behind in terms of XP, but he's been able to catch up or sorry in terms of gold and CS, but he's been able to catch up a little bit here and he's been able to have a bigger impact because overall yike.

Well, he was doing more with jungle pathing while he was pulling ahead in Camp, c03, zero and that's.

A zero side, marcoon having much more impact in the game.

Thus far see if you can keep that going to get later in the end of the game, it looks like they're looking to dive onto Broken Blade for now they're open happy to just deny as much CS as possible what's.

The option here is he trying to kill it is he trying to do an ICS? It looks like denying CS is the choice.

Yeah, very common Pro player who the cannon has been lost minus ones in chat.

Obviously, not broken blades fault.

But it doesn't matter still gonna lose that gold and it's, an easy setup for the dragon The Herald of each changed on the other side of the map as they continue to try and funnel gold into Han summer.

And when we look at the scoreboard, he is kind of right now, the Saving Grace for G2.

Yep, he has a 100 gold lead over his 80 carry counterpart level.


late game, cognore something that in Europe, we don't get to see very often, but we've seen it enough to know the damage that it can do let's see obviously going for the recurve bow could be a couple of different items.

We'll see what the focus is one surprise.

We see a kraken, uh, pork not bad so depends on what he wants to go for here.

Kraken obviously, just an incredible sustained damage item, especially with the Synergy on ginsu's.

Yeah, it does it does synergize right? Yeah, to be honest, it's.

One of those things where like 80 carry items got reworked, I knew ginsu's was super op.

And then after a week, I never saw it again, yeah, that is yeah, straight back to gale force the board.

Yep, it's, fine, yeah, just just crying in the corner.

Yeah, someone behind me.

Yeah, it's.

So popular is so weird because it's, like every single 80 carry item, very clearly fits a specific type of 80 carry.

You know, you've got your big crit with the infinity.

You've got spell cash with novora.

You've got the on-hit effects.

And then you've got gale force, which is like what 80 carries identity is centered around having an extra dad all of them.

None of them it's, just like we just all, except this item is so broken.

It has to be a Mythic, yep, getting body blocked here on the shock rooms, though yike now is gonna find one the Klein's gonna be forced out here G2 getting a couple major cooldowns there flash heal and cleanse from the bot Lane of SK ype.

If you don't at some point in this cast make a dog in me reference, I'm gonna be very upset he's, got that dog in him.

Yeah, you should say that for yourself I, appreciate it.

No, no.


You gotta say you gotta say, you know, like if Han summer has the moment I hate this skin, I know, but it's fine I, just I was reminded of it.

When Han saw was just going r r in the mid lane.

And then I was like, oh he's got that dog in him and I was like, oh he does.

He is a dog, he's, literally a dog.

This is a horrifying skin.

A little puppy spitting on you he's just vomiting on you not spit is that better? How much is that better? But I think it's better than ball.

Man, I'm gonna say it I'll just saying how Okay dog owners are with just being slaughtered dogs.

It's true.

Man, yeah, I, really when I had dogs I, really didn't mind that it was fun.

And it was just like it was whatever yeah, it's like it feels a little culty to me by the way it's a little weird.

Wait Broken Blade is in danger is in danger, Gwen's still immune irrelevant.

He's still kicking off in this fight.

And here comes one, more member Harold has been being or been used and broken by now needs to get the hell out, but there's, no room, there's, no space to do so not quite a 1v1, but pretty damn close Han, Sama and G2 gonna break open mid lane, though in exchange.

So not a bad trade overall, but SK holding on to the lead in irrelevant.

Only getting stronger, yeah, here's.

What I will say considering how far ahead SK feel like they should be.

The gold Gap does not really represent that.

A lot of the gold Advantage is just purely sitting on irrelevant and don't get me wrong.

He's doing a lot of work in the side lane getting effectively, two solo kills on the Broken Blade, nice awareness there from irrelevant G2, looking for a fight in mid here.

The advantage that they had previously was the tower that's.


Now, trying to even things out ultimate zoning them away, the roof gonna connect there's, no more cleanses.

Now immediately onto the backside firing back to the abilities ultimate, but doesn't look like it's going to be enough guys now needs to backwards getting lower and lower searches they're gonna scoop them right back up send the tree into the waiting arms of the rest of the team Hot Summer barely getting out, but his ticket he's, burning, oh, Lee.

Andrews Ang was doing so much work there to finish the job, but that's, the [ __ ], utilizing it to the fullest, but it does not matter because it is sk's fight, it's.

Okay, get four kills.

(Video) G2 vs SK - Highlights (ESS Reacts) | Week 2 Day 2 LEC Summer 2023 | G2 Esports vs SK Gaming W2D2

And the baron is alive with irrelevant alive and extra cake that's more than enough damage to secure this objective G2 tried to find a flank in mid try to find a window where irrelevant couldn't be in the fight, but they just didn't have the damage needed to come out ahead.


Crucial thing here is the positioning as you can see.

The characters are kind of left exposed handsome against a free hit onto Dawson.

Extra kick in the fight initially looks very promising for G2.

Oh, they kind of melt away the support the TP then comes in from irrelevant.

You can see caps off on your screen trying to keep her relevant busy preventing him from getting into the fight, four versus three, but then certos, knocks, yay, over the wall flashes in to get that kill research is doing enough work in the fight to provide time for irrelevant to join The Fray, find that execute and then actually completely missed what happened to caps in the fight because he had very little impact.

He basically TP didn't died.

I guess 333 damage not a lot.

Here total dominance in these fight coming up from SK irrelevant.

Now, over the wall, the most strong member of the team who wasn't even there in the previous one using the ultimate chunking out Mickey have to wait on that unbreakable cooldown.

If they want to kick this fight off, but SK didn't break open mid, but still very strong, only good news for G2.

There is that hansama was able to get that shut down onto sir to 700 extra gold in his pocket, terrible guns for a fight.

But it just does not matter.

They are simply too far ahead at this point in the game, G2 likely just gonna concede this Dragon, no point in trying to fight it.

When you're this far behind SK ready throwing their wallets around at this point and I mean, well earned, yeah, I mean, they just consistently punished G2 in the other game.

Yeah, she too absolutely over forcing on the bottom side, causing them dearly.

And now, as we get into the mid game, they are not giving anything back to G2.

No matter how many creative angles they've found thus far SK, just keeping the pressure on eyes on the price you'll have to be careful here Mickey.

Now immediately gonna fall down, sir just gonna get taken out one more time.

And now it's Mickey into the waning arms of Mexico, but there's a tower there.

They can't turn this back Mickey taken out by the ultimate of exit, kick ends up being a one for one trade rather chain.

Cc from G2 means they can find a pick on the circus.

But this isn't going to slow down the aggression of irrelevant.

He's gonna lock in another Tower bot Lane 13-3 is the kills 5.

000 is the goal difference between the two teams in SK they're going to be happy with the spoils go back to base spend their money and make their way back out onto the BAM next dragon up for another four minutes, no real objectives on the map to play for.

So you start getting that deeper Vision in and just leverage the fact that irrelevant is so strong on a side, lane there's, no one that can really stop him.

You can see the abyssalmaster Broken Blade to try and mitigate some of the damage, but it's just so hard, an irrelevant can kill yike and Broken Blade, pretty effortlessly when he has the Mist available as well it's like what if kogmar and syndra do I mean, nothing in that context, right so it's going to be so tricky for G2 to play out these fights having a Fed Gwen on the opposite team.

When you're so reliant on this kog'maw for damage is a bit tricky looks like Wit's End coming in next makes sense against the double AP threats on the opposite side, the SK support staying strong fans in the audience, trying to make sure that's getting where they have that support marcoon looking fishing nice side, step from cap, slow still connecting.

But not enough to get the job done that's.

A sad beat it's Broken Blade, again, gonna take down a tower here.

So a bit more gold into his pocket it's.

Still, a 2, A, 2.6, K individual, gold deficit.

However, as relevant is a monster and is it just ignoring the syndra my costume? However, is it another shutdown over to Han Summit? He still saves him.

The needles all the way around I'm, trying to stand up trying to stand strong with hot summer, getting another massive shutdown as Kade biting off a bit more than they can chew on the bottom side.

Pullback is there broken by looking for the 1v1 versus marcoon, looking to take the pig out of the equation question is have SK overstayed here.

We talked about how there weren't many easy objectives for them to play for they committed two members.

Top three members made, they were chipping away.

This mid tier two.

But by over committing to that dive.

Well, yes, you get a kill onto caps.

You gave so much money over the Han Summit and he's.

Probably the one player you really don't want to be funneling gold into.

You also get a kill onto marcoon too.

And you just kind of get in the way of the momentum.

Look at the goals Han summer, nearly matching irrelevant.

Of course, that doesn't take away the fact that search is an extra kicker right behind him, but you're just giving more potential avenues for G2 to crawl back into this game irrelevant going for the dive onto caps like caps tries to get within range of the Mist irrelevant says, okay, cool I'll kill.

You knows the timing of the stopwatch throws out the ultimate, but then he's, like, oh, well.

Okay, I guess I'll.

He tries to get the kill into handsome and does good damage, but it's not enough.

And then marcoon, obviously is it an old good position? A good ultimate from Broken Blade means that there's, no real way for Markham to get to safety.

Anyway, we come back to live 25 minutes in that's case to hold the lead certainly do Marco now finishing the Abyssal mass as well love it with the double AP threats in his perspective, Soul Lanes, potentially do so much damage I saw it in the gold earlier hansama, the big threat for G2.

There are three threats on the side of SK, certos exit, kick and irrelevant, all incredibly strong at the stage of the game caps working towards that third item.

But circus already has that death cap completed broken weight.

If you can find an isolate exit, kick, he can do a lot of work.

But any other Target is gonna be a bit trickier relevant level 16.

that is very strong level.

Three multi, you always have to be suspicious when The Observers lower the Hut.

Yep, it is a fight breaking out how much damage does cogwan do let's find out here shortly I'm, trying to break down that Tower before they step forward, a lot of Champions laying down turrets here, SK building their own fake.


They've got their own like Armada here, they're, slowly, building a castle.

If you have talia's Wall, yeah, but maybe balloons tests.

I mean, they're just poking I, I mean, I kind of respect it.

You got four members here.

You've got a Gwen that really can't be answered on the top side of the map.

Just take your time.

Just don't, get engaged, just as big immediately making out fishing for the ball, but it's, not going to connect TP now coming in G2 just need to disengage.

They get it from irrelevant, though it over commits.

The quit disappears just like that.

And this is a fight that could go in the favor of G2, but actually get down looking to fire back just a bit of damage onto yike G2 coming out on top for now SK overconfident on that mid lane team finish does unlock the dragon as an option for G2.

But the baron is alive as well with irrelevant, who said, no TP means that he can't really rejoin the fight, even if he does respawn and G2 are going to commit to the objective SK you're gonna concede it they're gonna say, you know what the soul point is more important to I.

Guess that makes sense they're saying that all this Baron does is stabilize G2 they're saying, we still have good scaling.

We can still win out on the team fights.

They don't suddenly have an answer to a relevant threat in a side lane.

They've been able to find a kill sure that's all well and good.

But when we fight for the next dragon, we're gonna be in a better position.

So we'll, wait for another five minutes, we'll concede that Baron for now and we'll continue to play the waiting game.

The problem is Hans summer, getting closer to level, 15.

let's, see what he purchases here, a BF, you have sword.

It looks like he's going for the ga.

Next makes sense has a stopwatch and the good news for SK fans.

You don't worry too much right now because this guy are still stronger overall.

But oh, yeah, the stopwatch coming in I was getting starting to get concern for sure just in the fights to come because while caps is behind once he finishes that death cap.

The one shot potential full combo is still very real on some of these squishier members, Doss has to have enough cooldowns up to make sure he can mitigate that.

But you can see overall SK leading in damage pretty much across the board outside of the Jungle position, where a little cheeky AP maokai is matching things up G2.

What can they get done two minutes where they're in control again of the game need to even up the gold, even need to get as much done as humanly possible here before this buff expires.

So again, it's largely just a stabilizing Baron, but right, and even then the relevant's just like hello, Remember, Me, Broken, Blade and he's, like unfortunately, yes, I do he has a few more defensive resources now making it a little bit harder, but irrelevant working on shredding through that as he gets closer to his void staff due to actually pushing in the tier two in the bot Lane irrelevant, tping back nice block from Mickey, Mickey, quick reaction speed to make sure the carries aren't vulnerable here just trying to tread through this.

Tier two we'll, take a bit more time, going caps nice flash to the side to keep him alive.

Yeah, throwing down the ultimate just make sure there's, no potential ball.

But Here, Comes relevant relationship is one going Baron buffing powered recall behind so I'm doing so much work Mickey there to body block off to the side is yike irrelevant.

Now, ghosting through Hans I've been taking so much damage from the needles irrelevant, taking a blue buff, yeah, Skip and slash out to safety, but G2 still coming pretty close to even in that exchange overall taking the enemy 80 carry out.

Now they can continue The.

Siege executive caught sleeping hansama doing so much damage hands and Mickey able to get that kill onto exit.

Kick was absolutely massive with the pound off are they gonna try and end it look maokai is trying to keep her element from getting back to base.

One more unbreakable from Mickey can mitigate so much potential damage fall back being down is Big irrelevant, having to run all the way back to base for now.

It is just a single Tower, but SK on the edge here.

They were so far ahead for so much of this game, but G2 keeping him on the ropes kick spawning back in five seconds.

They decided that overstaying wasn't worth it.

When we get a replay, just watch Mickey, enhance huge problems to Mickey he's had a difficult game.

He's been really shut down as one of the core Frontline members.

But in that final exchange, it was just really strong execution between him and Hans.

And again, just keep track of this bot Lane do it so that it starts off with the blocks that came out onto the sejuania.

So caps gets forced away.

Good poke comes out from SK.

But then Mickey here lands, the ultimate onto exit, kick.

The passive gets popped.

But the cleanse can't clear the knock up and then Hans Simon, Just lands.

Order order order, yeah and he's able to get that kill you actually have to bark like a dog just clean execution from hansai.

You know, I made that sound way more complicated than it was, but hansama literally just stood behind the shield and then just right clicked furiously and that's.

The thing is when you think about Brahm, you have to understand that he's, one of the best scaling supports in the game just because of his e, because no matter how absolutely useless.

He can look in terms of gold overall.

Uh, that ability to just block Auto attacks against nefelios is 3 000 damage.

Yeah, that's total damage this game.

Oh right, no.

He did not do that that's a lot of damage in a fight I, don't know, I don't know what perf AP Braum you're looking at right now.

That's that's, the entire game, that's, uh, it's like wow, that's that's.

(Video) FNC vs. SK - Week 5 Day 2 | LEC Summer | Fnatic vs. SK Gaming | Game 2 (2023)



I'm more impressed.

You didn't bat night like the 28 000.

So what happened was I swear, they showed it graphic just a second ago that said damage that because the kog'maw was at four thousand so I looked at that graphic.

And then when I looked again, I saw the Braum at 3 000 and I was like, huh? Graphs, yeah.

My bad.

My bad, that's.

It I'll, take the L on that one, um, it's, all right.

The most important thing is who's gonna take the L on the ocean Drake here cause SK again, very good.

If they can get it now they can afford to give it up if they don't feel like they have vision control here.

They don't have to to die on this hill or on the strength so to speak.

But now both sides, grouping, ready, irrelevant, still fishing for that flank angle, get rid of it.

Just lost 10 of his HP, no 15 of his HP still frustrating, despite all the Nerfs and obviously it's a lot of AP and not a lot of defensive stats for the build Heroes for Relevant.

Marcoon fishing shirelli is used, yeah, okay.

G2 staying strong here, fighting into a Brom, very bad idea.

I mean, the luxury the G2 have is that bot wave is slowly pushing in their favor because of the super minion.

So they really don't have to worry about that.

All the manage is the mid contest.

You need to poke here.

We'll go with you now has control over the Midway.

Now, this is a dangerous game for G2 to play because SK can afford to abandon this and just choose to push down mids.

But instead they're going to contest broken body backing off trying to create space 6K, getting lower and lower Marconi's gonna be able to get to the pit looks like they're, not gonna take the opportunity to force a fight.

But now the Mao Kyle just come out, and maybe they can look to turn next to get trying to turn back and response broke away.

Getting the Gwen away from the rest of his team here it comes baby.

He might not have that dog in him.

But right now sir to sure does shut down baby over to the kog'maw shut down.

The Caps as well, dominant fight for the side of G2, an extended exchange, the kog'maw syndra coming out on top.

And you have to think back to that single overstep in Top Lane SK.

This game was in their control, and they overstayed their welcome G2 punish it.

And now with the one team fight they're looking to end right here right now doing decent damage here.

But a single Mark is going to be big the knockback.

Oh, the immediate start for summer.

Once more he's, not happy with just an 80 carry.

He wants to support two G2 out of nowhere.

It was SK in the early game.

It was SK in the mid game.

But here at the end of the road is G2 Standing Tall and taking the win SK did such a great job at punishing, the mistakes of G2.

They were winning.

So many fights they made caps are non-factor.

Irrelevant was completely dominating in the side lane.

And then it all comes back to that Top Lane dive, the fact that they then had to concede that Baron.

It just allowed G2 to reset the game and gave them that neutral footing to fight on all the while Han Sama was getting stronger and stronger.

And in the end, it was him that came out, massive alongside Mickey to really swing the game in their favor and secure that victory for G2 that's.

What we saw at the end of the day, though heartbreaking for SK, because that one it felt like it was their their game.

It felt like they were, but also like it's, just kind of a summary of sk's split as well where it feels like that they it feels like that they're, not always thinking everything through, you know, like they whatever advantages they do get sometimes that they're over complicating.

It they're too quick to rush the advantage that they had was like a 5k gold lead.

And we literally said that there's, no dragon, no Baron.

You just need to take your time.

Right? You don't need to over Force.

You don't need to overstep.

You can play that full one setup, keep the four members made let relevant push and top, or when relevant inevitably draws pressure, just take another Tower, mid it's, just simple stuff.

You know, keep the vision up, keep control take your time, but they had to over Force.

They had to over regress and then G2.

They see that window and a team like this.

You can't give them that inch because they're immediately gonna punish you for it certainly are more SK might have needed to take their time.

You need to rush over to Twitter.

We should head on over Twitter at LEC.

You saw on your screen.

Yeah, icons Mickey X your options, but I will say about this game.

And how G2 have looked in general attic stocks right now on the rise on the rise, you know, both these teams are looking clean and a lot of their wins and I'm excited to see what they can do, especially on our next game.

I am too, but I'm also excited to hear from the Victorious support there's trouble standing by with Mickey.

Thank you very much.


Congratulations Mickey on this win.

You were a nominee for player of the game.

Do you think you deserve it? Um probably not I don't think so I don't think I did anything spectacular or anything I was just kind of there.

I think kogma was kind of spitting.

He was he was doing pretty well.

But if you were not there, well, she couldn't speak, yeah, I guess, yeah.

Now Vicky, of course, that's great that you got the w.

It happened in this early game, though I think we're big a little bit overconfident with the iron maids.

And our like Drake starts, we were a bit ambitious like some Dives.

Yeah, some Dives as well that was yeah, quite something.

But it never felt like we were really far behind because well, the bounties didn't pop the objective bounties and looking across like Cs and plates.

We were ahead in all of those.

So I didn't feel like doomed at any point, even though they had like six zero or something or nine zero at some point still felt like we outkilled them and yeah, worked out in the end.

Okay? What do you mean by super far ahead because SK was 5 000 gold up on you guys is that something that you feel like in the current method, doesn't really bother you when you have a scale in Eddie carry, um, I mean, 5k is actually quite big I didn't.

Think it was going to be 5K and uh, I'm in their Champs are like pretty decent with items.

So you know, in theory, they should have won this game, but in the game, it didn't feel like that in game there's only like one 2K difference, um, but we played like pretty well from behind the felt like.

And as long as we just peel for the kogmo like the only danger is if he gets azir wilted as long as we don't, let that happen I think we just win like no matter what so and Coco was actually ahead compared to everyone else.

So it felt very winnable throughout the game.

Your Pokemon had 2.4 K up on the failure.

Didn't, look that bad.

Now of course, coming into this particular game, you mentioned kog'mo a lot.

And we've seen him here and there, but like with the likes of Lulu or Emilio as well, how come you guys picked it with a Brom I feel like Pokemon Brom is actually pretty strong I think could consider I could consider it stronger than Lulu? I would say, I think milio, quagmo, pretty good as well, maybe as good as brown, but Brahma just like kind of good blind, because usually if you pick it with an enchanter, the dangerous, everyone can go on you and just like one shot you.

But the problem when you stand in front of him, he feels a bit unkillable, and whenever I hit a queue, then probably just he watches them from the stun.

So it just seems good in general.

And even you know, they picked an enchanter like Lulu, it didn't feel like they actually had that much pressure in Lane either.

So yeah, okay, I know, you're, not necessarily satisfied with this early game, but are you satisfied with the current form of G2? Um, yeah.

I guess, we're all right? Right now, um, it could be better, but I think, yeah, we're doing fine.

All right.

Mickey, thank you very much for the interview congrats on the win as well, I'm gonna throw it over to either break.

It is pretty without the break I'll be back for the last game of the day is gonna be in trouble.

The second time he's gonna die in this exact same area there's, no way out here.

Yeah, I'll just come out.

And maybe they can look to turn trying to turn back a response broke away, getting the Gwen away from the rest of his team, shut down baby over to the kogman, the tale of nisky and humanoid is a testament to the unpredictable nature of the Esports Realm one.

And it gets too I'm.

Just a rookie.

It all began when humanoids stepped into the limelights.

He replaced nisky and splice he's, a very talented aggressive, mid laner and it's exactly who we were looking to look at and then Destiny once again, brought these two players together, usually, in this case, went to the team that I left and I went to the teams that he left.

We were I was a fanatic.

Then he jumpedic then I was on the bench then I joined his team.

And now we're like on the opposite team, right? Even though nisky tirelessly proved himself as one of the best he always seems to come up fiddle to humanoid people, probably think it's better or like more flashy, just because I think he plays very much for himself for me, give up wave or something I would do it.

He likes a lot of gragas, but I don't think gragas is that strong so I don't think his main Champions are better and I don't think my Champions are meta.

So I think it's kinda, even this better suits me more than it does for him humanoid on the other side with his impressive debut made it to worlds in his first year and ended up going three more times.

He also secured two LEC titles of the Mad Lions contributing to the best here mad has ever had while nisky has faced his fair share of challenges.

He has never experienced a fall quite as deep as humanoid in the winter split marking fnatic's.

Worst result in history lens is for me, always really fun matchup, because it was my old team.

Let's do the next Target that's.

Another that's, another that's, four, you annoyed, you absolute monster, players that step up towards the games where it matters.

That is one of the reasons why they always perform the damage reduction, but just can't get away.

The biscuits humanoid is absolutely on fire.

There are lots of stuff that the Mad Lions people would like teach me of like how women would do it or like how they taught Emmanuel to do this.

And that that's, why at the end I think he's still a great player.

Yeah, we almost beat them in the best of five last time and I think right now we are better than last time.

(Video) G2 vs SK Game 4 Week 2 Day 2 2023 | LEC Summer | G2 Esports vs SK Gaming

So I think we should win.

Oh, yeah, we'll see can nisky silence.

The downson reaffirm his status as a better mid laner or can humoroid make a statement that he doesn't need mad Lions anymore and he's prepared to lead a new era with fnatic.


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