Jb Weld Can Repair Steel - Aluminum - Anything (2023)


How To Fix Absolutely Anything with JB weld. If you don't have the tools to weld you can use JBweld to fix or repair anything from automotive radiators, boats, aluminum, plastic, or steel.

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You can see it right broke in a bad place.

It did right there.

So this is the impeller housing or portion on the outer housing and it's.

This is the drain plug had I just take in one minute and remove this plug wouldn't be making this video today, would we but it cracked from here to here even into the threads that's, not good.

But because this is only holding 60 pounds of pressure, 65 whatever it's not a lot of pressure.

And this the way that this seals see this is this cap seals on here.

It's just plastic thread seals on this o on an o-ring here, right? So I believe that we can repair this we're going to try it before I spend 300 on a new one.

And this should press down there and make that seal.

So, but this is a pretty bad crack here.

So is it so bad that it's it's going to damage that the we may have lost the integrity of the piece here, I don't think.

So, however, because these these things vibrate and all small engines, do this hairline crack right there? What do you think that's going to do if we don't do something with it? Well, it's going to continue to grow? You know, who knows we will probably go up, and then the case of fall at 1/2, and probably at the worst moment so we're going to stop that crack as well as try to repair this, why it couldn't be in a worse spot.

You can see it there from the inside right? There were cracked rim.


I can even see when I took the plug out.

The plug come out came out difficult, you know, not them.

It was a little bit soul.

It took a little bit of effort because the the threads have even shifted a little bit in there.

But again, I still think it's, repairable we're going to try it we're going to repair it and see if it works, if not then we'll have no other option, but to get a new piece.

So what do we need to fix this? Well, right here six dollars would be $6 repair JB.

Well if you're not familiar with, it is an amazing product and I know, there's going to always whenever use jb weld on anything.

Your good is going to be people come in and say, that's, not the proper way to repair that and you're doing it you're doing it half way.

I disagree.

The reason why jb weld typically, you know, may not work is is usually because it's been has the piece, hasn't been prepped properly.

This stuff's incredible.

If you don't think, this works.

Go talk to any farmer, that's been working in the fields or with equipment for forty years and ask him if jb weld works, because he probably has a tractor being held together by it my granddad.

And I repaired a crack block on a Ford, a ten that was running.

Well, I know, it ran for 25 years and I think it's still running a huge crack over a foot long with j-b weld I've, seen it and used it to repair all sorts of things so it's worth it.

Six dollars.

And and if it doesn't work, you know, then you can replace the piece, but it's it's it's all about the prep and making sure that you have a good scuffed up every surface and it's, clean super clean.

You know, we're going to strip everything off of paint thinner really get it done.

But we got a lot of a gross corrosion in there.

We got to get all of that stuff out of there.

So I'll show you a quick and easy way to do that.

So let's put this in the nice easy way to hold this we'll, put this in the vise so doesn't jump around on us.

We don't want to this is one of those pieces.

You can it's it's cast aluminum which it can be strong.

But but brittle, you know, you drop something like that it'll easily crack worse and break I.

Go I'll.

Talk about this all the time because it's such a wonderful tool.

This is in my top top 10 favorites of all tools, little pneumatic die.


So I've got some coarse scotch, brite pad discs on the roll lock.

And if you don't whew restore tools or do stuff, if you don't have one of these get one they're, not that expensive, but this is perfect I can get in here, let's clean this crack up.

So obviously the angle grinder has its limitations and tight spaces hard to get that in there.

So how to augment that is okay, sty grinder.

Now, this is a pretty aggressive tool we're going to be careful here, but we're going to see if we can't clean up and those tight to get to get areas a little bit get all that corrosion out of there.

Take a look at what we got here.

So that just cleaned up nice, you can see in there as good as I can get it plenty of edge around the outside for the our epoxy did here too.

So let's, go ahead and drill, it's, finally into that crack and drill that out.

So it broke from the inside.

And so when I followed that out I can see, it actually goes a little bit further inside than it does on the outside here.

So it's right off that Ridge.

So what we'll do is I'll just estimate that which is about right there.

The little center punch right? There, I think that will do it I got a little tiny, really small about 8 inch drill bit or so that will drilled it it's.

The smallest one I have we could do a smaller one, but we're going to drill that.

Now, this will work to stop a crack in any type of metal or sheet metal or aluminum to drill that little hole in there and said.

So what it does is basically just hits that and stops it won't continue to grow.

So let's drill that out I, don't know, why manufacturers charge so much for their replacement parts.

But actually I do I remember a quote from Henry Ford said, if I if everyone would agree to buy Ford, Motor, Company parts replacement parts, full moko parts for I, give every man in the country, a Model T, because he apparently he made so much money off the replacement parts and I have no doubt that manufacturers do cut a fat hog off of selling their replacement parts.

But I'll tell you what it's it rankles and it diminishes your my loyalty to the company, and what a brand-new pump costs, six hundred and fifty dollars with all its pieces and the engine everything.

And then when you want to try to gouge, someone three hundred dollars for a replacement cover if it goes beyond, what I would consider to be fair, of course, get a sliver there so there's a little hole bigger than needs to be, but it would be.


Now we can see it on the inside there that crack okay, let's get it cleaned up and let's fix this thing.

So we're going to clean this up a little bit of thinner on a rag get that grease off of there, blue shop towel, any type of repair like this is always in the prep, whether it be paint any type of a coating that needs to adhere man, it's got to be clean clean it twice clean.

It three times little so very very of insurance.


So we'll mix up our jb weld jb, weld I, don't know what it is it's a some sort of a super hard, two-part.

Epoxy remember a funny story with it I had this old neighbor, who is, uh, Henry know, some of you who follow the Wrangler start Wrangler barn channel.

You remember him he was in some of the videos.

He was a diesel mechanic or excellent mechanic for a wildcat logging company.

So you know, a man like that like a guy like that can fix anything, you know, what he was one of the he was an absolutely mechanical genius.

He never learned to read couldn't read, but could build and fix anything he's.

One of those guys all right so jb weld is a two-part a pot.

You want you want to do equal parts right so the black and the gray.

Now they have a fast setup, and they have a slow set.

This is the slow set, which is their tougher stuff.

I think this stuff is rated for almost like almost 4,000 psi.

It's just it's.

Incredible it's, an absolutely incredible product.

You get that there and we'll have to mix these together, and they turn gray.

But the reason why I was telling you about Henry so at the parts store, well, just the one that was in the video the other day they used to have jb weld had a little demo.

They had their packaging.

You know how they do it right there at the at the counter, and they had taken two valves like from a v8 engine valves, and they had jb welded them together.

And of course, you know, they were sitting there.

So all of these guys it would come in, you know, and of course, you'd grab that thing, and you try to break it, and it would be it would demonstrate just, you know how? Amazingly tough jb weld was that they could, you know, but - but butt end epoxy these things together in a way you couldn't break them and I mean, everybody would truck pry them, you know, you'd have your buddy help yet everybody laughed.

It was there for years.

No one could ever break them.

It was a pretty good advertisement, but Henry.

So he goes in there, and he sees it, of course, and he was, and he was one of he was the original prankster.

I mean, talk about prank channels, and he pranks some of the pranks.

He came up with I can't, even tell you the Family Channel, but what he did.

So he ordered his parts and one the guy with the counter went by to the back, and he knew Henry well to get the parts Henry grabbed those two valves and ran out to his service truck.

And you know, the big service trucks they have to keep a big vise, a Wilton vise mounted on the on the rear bumper.

He clamped that thing up in the vise and put a piece of pipe on it and snap that off and Henry.

I mean, he was a powerful guy.

He'd grab a 200 pound anvil by the horn one hand and carried across a shop try doing that.

And he he broke those two things ran back in before.

The guy came back out with his parts.

And he held up those two valves that were either separate it's like you see that stuff's, no good.

This is blinking looking at him.

I don't know how many years has it been there? Of course, Henry he had to be able to break it.

They never did tell him how he did it.

Okay, here we go.

So it.

This stuff sets up.

You've got plenty of time.

You got several minutes to work with this stuff.

I I recommend against the fast set unless you have it's, an emergency and I don't believe we have any clearance issues.

You know, that might be something that someone might say.

And if there are clearance issues, meaning that they actually the impeller housing, it runs inside a cast-iron housing.

This is just a cover.

So if there is a clearance issue for so if we put this on there and like it bumps into something, no problem, we'll, just take our die grinder.

And we can just grind it down until it fits, but might as well, put it on thick dough all right, put it on thick looks like we mix just enough.

So we got to cover that hole there, of course, you know, we got got a little bit of you want to we want to push it into that hole that we drilled I'll, keep pushing that in there till it works through so it's coming out the other side that will have no problem fill in that little hole.

This stuff is really amazing.

You can fix just about anything with it.

And the reason why I'm not putting on the outside is because the pressure is coming from within.

So it probably would hold just fine on the outside, but it will hold better on the inside and they'll be able.

It will look a lot.

Nicer you won't.

See this repair.


We got it squeeze it out.

The other end, we've got a nice thick coat in there, I'm, not worried about the threads there so much, because we keep it off the threads, because we got that, oh, ring, right? What I think that looks pretty good I.

Think that looks real good.

Okay, I like it.

So we want to use gravity to our advantage.

You know, a little little this stuff will flow a little bit so we'll just support it right here at the kind of at that angle that we want.

And so it can kind of just spread out there and seal up nice.

Well that looks good.


Well, we've got 15 hours is what it takes 15 hours for this to properly set up, according the instructions will let this sit overnight tomorrow, we'll, reinstall, it fill up of water and see if the see if it holds, but I I, suspect, it will all right, not a bad repair for $7.49.

I may be a bit premature, but I think it'll work we'll.

See you guys in the next video good morning.

Another beautiful, Tuesday morning on the homestead and man fall is back.

I noticed mrs.

w came downstairs.

This is the first time I've seen her this year with her slippers on.

So you know, you know, it's getting cold I.

Think it got down to 37 last night, which is a nice reprieve from the heat.

So what do you think you think this is going to work? Well, today's video or will be tomorrow for you is going to be where I'm going to put it back together and we'll, bring it up the pressure and spray a little water and see what happens, hopefully it's not going to break so speaking of fires.

So I want to address something that came up in many of the comments of that I shared with you on though the wildland fire that I was on in the comments are something to the effect of you're, an idiot.

You shooters you're supposed to be putting out fire, not be filming all of this stuff for your edification and I want to speak to that a little bit.

So as you know, I volunteer, so there isn't any paycheck involved with this and I certainly am very very careful when I choose to video when I choose to film it's, not the priority that the work is the priority.


The crew is the priority, the safety of the community members and their property is a priority.

But the thing I, guess that I would have to explain is the people are making those comments, they're ignorant, and they don't know, the situation they weren't there.

It is a very foolish thing to comment on something when you're seeing nothing more than a tidbit or a snapshot from from a video.

You have no idea what was going on.

You have no idea.

The situation I will take out my little camera that I keep in my pocket on if I have a little brief moment, I'm stopping for a sandwich or two drink of water.

Or there just is is not nothing impending or nothing dangerous and try to share that with you.

And the reason why I do it is not for my edification, but it's, because there is such a need for people to step up and volunteer or local fire departments that I want to showcase that I want to showcase that and make these show them what it's like that.

It can be exciting it's.

Something it's fun said that some of the wonderful people that are involved, the men and women in this to try to inspire young men and women to get involved and volunteer and to help out and to shine a light on this.

This is the reason why I share this I have a great love.

And for wildland firefighting I have a great love for the service, and the people that make it up and that that's, why I do it so I'm, not putting anyone at risk by doing this? You don't know, the situation you don't know anything about it and to comment on on something you've seen in a video like that is is foolish, you know, do you have a concern? You know, you know, that's, fine, you know, come in the comments, you know, express your concern I'll be happy to answer and give you some more information.

But, but if not then you will be blocked many were blocked.

So I just don't have the patience for it maybe I'm getting hard and little jaded from all of the negativity that comes along, but I just don't have time for it.


Try to focus on I do focus on the positive side of it, I know, the truth, I know, you know what took place there and that's good enough for me just don't have time for it all right? Well, I gotta get back to the shop we'll, put the pump back together.

And thanks for watching and we'll.

See you guys on the next video.


Jb Weld Can Repair Steel - Aluminum - Anything? ›

Does JB Weld Work on Aluminum? To give you the short answer, yes, it does. The two-part epoxy of JB weld makes it really easy to create a strong adhesion bond between two selected metal pieces.

Does J-B Weld steel reinforced epoxy work on aluminum? ›

For a reliable aluminum epoxy that can handle medium- to heavy-duty jobs, the J-B Weld KwikWeld epoxy has a 5,020 PSI rating and withstands temperatures of over 500 degrees Fahrenheit, making it an ideal option for cars, RVs, and boats.

Do they have J-B Weld for aluminum? ›

MarineWeld™ is a specially formulated two-part epoxy cold weld system that provides for strong, lasting repairs for bonding different or similar surfaces, such as aluminum, metal, composites, fiberglass and others. MarineWeld™ sets in 4-6 hours at room temperature and is fully cured to a dark grey color in 15-24 hours.

Will J-B Weld work on any metal? ›

J-B Weld epoxy

J-B Weld is a two-part epoxy adhesive (or filler) that can withstand high-temperature environments. J-B Weld can be used to bond surfaces made from metal, porcelain, ceramic, glass, marble, PVC, ABS, concrete, fiberglass, wood, fabric, or paper.

What can you not use J-B Weld on? ›

Broadly speaking, most J-B Weld products will not adhere or bond well to: Any flexible rubber surface. Canvas. Polypropylene plastic.

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