Remember this bodybuilder-boy? This is how his life turned out… (2023)


I’m sure you’ve heard about this little boy and maybe you’ve even seen his photographs. Many years have passed since the peak of his popularity. The media has been quiet about the boy for a while now, although I’m sure that many of you would like to know how his life turned out, because the boy's tricks amazed even adult athletes. So in today's video I will tell you what happened to the boy over the years and what he looks like at 17.
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Hello friends, I'm sure you've heard about this little boy, and maybe you've even seen his photographs.

Many years have passed since his peak of popularity.

The media has been quiet about the boy for a while.

Now, although I'm sure that many of you would like to know how his life turned out because the boy's tricks amazed even adult athletes.

So in today's video, I will tell you what happened to the boy over the years.

And what he looks like at 17.

The little boy's name is giuliano stroj.

In 2009, giuliana was only six years old.

It was then that his popularity reached its peak social networks.

And the internet made this kid a star.

He was invited to various tv shows and programs and the entire speaking internet discussed the way he looked giuliano was born on june.

18 2004 in romania at the age of five, the little bodybuilder was listed in the guinness book of records for incredible strength and coordination in 2009, he was named the strongest boy in the world, the gorgeous muscles and overall fitness of the six-year-old boy caused amazement and admiration the little bodybuilder set the world record for the fastest ever 10 meter hand walk with a weight ball between his legs.

And he did it in front of the cheering audience of an italian tv show.

The next morning giuliano, woke up famous.

He became an internet sensation, hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world admired the child's abilities.

A year later, the boy set another world record for the number of 90-degree push-ups, which are done without letting the feet touch the ground.

He set the record at 20 push-ups beating the previous record of 12., the talented gymnast and bodybuilder has many other accomplishments among them human flag.

Pull-Ups, 31 times 90-degree push-ups on two rings, 10 times handstand push-ups, 40 times.

These impressive achievements are the result of persistent training over several years, working with his own and additional weights.

The most muscular child bodybuilder was incredibly popular in romania.

The young athlete began training at the age of two.

He attended the gym together with his father, julian, a former gymnast and also worked out at home.

The boy trained hard doing gymnastic and weightlifting exercises, his parents dreamed that juliana would develop superpowers.

They always emphasized that.

Excellent genetics was one of the main components of his success training from an early age laid the foundation that developed their son's talent and contributed to his dizzying achievements in 2010 giuliano made the headlines intensive workout of a small muscular man caused a mixed reaction in society.

Critics were outraged by the many hours.

The child spent training and lifting the heavy loads inappropriate for the unformed child's body.

They claimed that the father was putting giuliano at risk of serious injury.

Society was stirred up by the photographs in which the boy was balancing on two bottles.

Leaning only on his hands.

The stunt caused outrage among many netizens, because they considered it to be extremely dangerous.

Another reason for criticism was that the father always made the boy pose for the cameras.

There were also accusations that the father was doping, the child's food to increase muscle growth while other children were enjoying their carefree childhoods, little giuliano, trained hard and broke world records when making videos and commenting on his son's achievements.

The father repeatedly noted that the boy enjoyed his training and spent a lot of time outdoors watching cartoons and playing with friends and that no one was forcing him to train.

Moreover, he said that giuliano was getting regular medical checkups.

Interestingly, giuliano's younger brother claudio began training at an even earlier age, claudio skillfully, performed splits on metal rings and reverse somersaults.

The strawway brothers became real stars and were often invited to various shows to develop and maintain muscle strength.

The boys trained with four kilogram dumbbells and lifted weights heavier than their own bodies.

Their pages on social networks were as famous as they could be in those years.

However, interest in the brothers subsided over time.

But now many online publications exploded with news about giuliano and claudio again, although the boys still exercise regularly, their appearance has become more natural, the former incredible shape.

And quality musculature are now gone.

The children now look adequately for their age.

They no longer stand out among their peers in any way after 2009, when giuliano reached the peak of his popularity, there was news about him for several years.

But then pictures of the completely different giuliano got leaked online.

He no longer had the large muscles, but he did have an obvious problem with obesity pictures with the heavy giuliano provoked a bunch of rumors that the boy had serious health problems.

They talked about heart problems in particular.

There was no clear evidence on the internet.

But there were no denials either the strawway parents didn't comment on the situation, which is why many theories arose online julianos troye is now 17 years old.

The father has introduced the brothers to boxing.

He hopes that this new direction will also bring success to his sons.

The guys don't just work hard on their striking, techniques and participate in sparring sessions.

But also continue to work out at the gym.

They also take part in various local competitions, giuliano rarely travels to competitions because traveling to and living in another city is quite expensive.

The guy tried to make money selling his old equipment, gloves, paws helmet and he did.

But the price had to be reduced significantly compared to the initial one destroy family clearly has financial problems.

Some videos show that the family lives rather poorly.

Apparently, the father of the family was unable to monetize his son's popularity when it was at its peak.

Mr, julian trades in scrap metal to provide a decent living for his family.

The boy's father dreams of moving the family to the uk, to find higher paying jobs and sponsors for his sons.

He also runs a youtube channel and shares his son's achievements on facebook.

The father only talks about the athletic successes of the brothers on their youtube channel and the official facebook page.

Meanwhile, there is no information about their studies or what they plan to do with their lives.

It is clear today that many people believe that the once worldwide popularity of the boys would bring considerable benefits to their family, sure even youtube wasn't as commercially successful in the early 2010s as it is now.

But, the boys potential, if presented properly could have maintained their star status for many years.

However, it is obvious that mr.

Julian did see, the youtube channel as a source of income some videos on the channel don't just come out with advertisements.

But are marked as paid content although it is much more difficult to earn money this way nowadays sure it would seem the question of who earns what should remain a private matter for each family but this is an example of bad marketing which shows how two guys who were world stars at one point are now forced to hold fundraisers to be able to travel even to local championships a few hours away by car or train it's not about welfare but about declining popularity and ineptly wasted media potential their story could have been completely different it could have been successful and it could have provided.

Them with the means for their development.

It's quite possible that the boys who clearly have great genetics, would have had more funds to use for their development? Maintaining proper nutrition training and performing in championships.

But the fact is that the family is facing significant.

Financial difficulties friends, that's all for today.

Let us know in the comments.

What you think about the changes in the lives and the looks of the stroller brothers.

First thing we'd like to know is what you think of giuliano since back when the boys were little, he was more muscular prominent, bigger and stronger than his brother and accordingly, attracted more attention.

Also, don't, forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel we'll.

See you next time.

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