What happens when everyone knows the size of your "pakage"? [Manga Dub] (2023)


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Foreign you're trying to get a job at every school store in the country right? Not the country the entire world, the bigger, the dream, the better, where are you off to this time? Hey, I got your pants.

Thanks more I'm going to this place called manakumiyama this time isn't that a school full of delinquents are you sure about this? It's? Cool, I'm sure they're, nice.

Welcome we're open for business.

Look at that guy.

His name is on his pants.

He looks like a nice guy, though let me get one Thanks that'll, be 80 cents I'll spy.

If you don't have the money, hey, tuck, you're.

So funny.

Thanks, hey, in case, you didn't know, most kids here they're split into two groups.

First one is mostly 10th and 11th, graders probably have nothing to worry about them.

But oh, yes.

But the other group The One led by Taki in 12th grade.

You should watch out for them.

They can get pretty violent.

And the teachers can't do anything about them.

Either they're gonna graduate soon.


So they're just waiting out the clock, I guess and Takia he's, pretty good looking I heard.

He works as a model.

Anyways, the girls are all over him.

He basically runs this place.

So cool.

So if he shows up don't ask him to pay just hand over the goods to avoid any trouble just do as he says, he'll, just make things easier speak of the devil that's him all right, I'm sure, he's, a nice guy, I want to be friends with him, we're all friends here, keita United.

Why are you so ugly? Look at you get out of my sight you're making me, sick, maybe it's your hair here.

Let me help you Ah that's, better nice, Yamada, say, thank you.

Thank you.

What does it sound like you mean, it I see just stay out of it.

The hell are you? Hey, I'm.

Kata I just started working at the school store.

I just wanted to say, hey, Takia, we're, all friends here, right? You messing with me, then he started targeting me.

He started filing all kinds of complaints against me for no reason.

And he messed with the merchandise I can't, sell these anymore, what a waste that's? What you get when you mess with takuya, hey, let me help you huh.

I'm Yamada, I know, you were trying to defend me, I'm, sorry about this.

No worries man, it's, not your fault.

Thanks for helping thanking me, I, wasn't expecting that Yamato is a really nice kid, it's squished, but you can have them if you want you sure, yeah, I mean, can't, sell them.


So my family is really poor.

So thank you for this and Takaya he's always taking and breaking my stuff.

So Yamada I, try to cheer him up the Takia kept picking on him.

Then one day I feel like playing some basketball near the school store.

Takia, threw an item in the store and broke a window.

Broken glass fell on Yamada.

Yamada losers.

Let's, go dudes.




We gotta get you to the hospital.


Okay, I can't go to the hospital.

My family can't afford it I'll pay for you come on.

And my friend more boshy.

He owns a hospital.

So let's, go that's, a nasty, cut you're going to need some stitches didn't know you were working here today.

Thanks barboshi.

Sure thing don't worry about the money it's on the house.

Thank you.


So handsome.

Okay, let's begin.

And you take off your pants.

Huh? The cut is pretty big and I don't want to get your pants dirty.

Okay, that's.

Huge all right.


Gotta talk to Takia I made this omelette for him.

Let's see how he likes that hope.

This works.

Ah, but what if he's not hungry? Hmm, what the I saw my reflection in the window? There were these numbers on my forehead, it's happening again, this time it's showing the size of your thing.

This is embarrassing.

Okay, let's interview some people.

The average is 13.5 centimeters.

So I'm embarrassed to go outside.

My students are gonna make fun of me is great.

Actually, this is the kind of thing I want to know about a guy right off the bat it's way bigger than the average so it's still kind of embarrassing.

So now everyone can see how big your thing is.

Huh? Some people.

This is gonna be pretty embarrassing.

How is this even possible? You know, it's terrifying actually like who's behind this.

This is insane maybe we're.

All just part of some crazy experiment going on.

Wait takuya.

Are you serious? Oh, no, but you're.

So handsome we're all surprised to see the number on tackiest forehead.

But what surprised us more was your mother, no way and everyone's staring at me.

Your modest thing was huge I.

Checked he's got the biggest one in school for real I.

Wanna see it what mine is only seven centimeters.

And his thing is 18 centimeters.

What the hell? Uh, screw, you Yamada I'm gonna beat you up.

Look at him, pathetic he's got more than 10 centimeters on him.

He'll hear.

You lame everyone started laughing at him.

Stop laughing.

You got a problem with me say it to my face.

Maybe you shouldn't pick up one anymore.

Yeah, it'll just make things worse, what's.

Your name.

Can we see it? Please, yeah.

Ah, screw this Size, Doesn't, Matter.

You hear that, yeah, what a loser? Everyone was laughing at him.

Now he ran out of the classroom.

So it's been a month since the numbers started popping up let's, see what people have to say, it's, great to be honest.

We get to know the size before we even date them.

So, but I don't think size matters that much if you really love the person, and if it's too big that's kind of scary, too it's, smaller than the average, but I'm married with kids.

So I don't really care anymore, hopefully I can Inspire others, Size, Doesn't, Really Matter for all this.

A lot of girls backed out on me when they saw it, you know, because it was so big, but now they know ahead of time.

So things got much better I'm, loving this for this all I cared about was their size and I met this guy.

His thing was huge.

He was such jerk.


Guess, there are more important things than size I want a man with a big heart.

Then the numbers disappeared tacky had dropped out right after the numbers started popping up.


Guess it was too embarrassed.

He got a job right after that.

But he got fired in no time.

Things weren't looking good for him as for Yamada your wound is healing up nicely.

How's school things got much better after Takia left.

And after the numbers started popping up, it started talking to me, they still mess with me from time to time, but I made a lot of new friends.

Yeah, he's always stopping by the store with his friends.

Good for you man, I'm gonna be leaving soon, but we'll always be friends.


Thank you.

Good to hear I'm glad everything worked out well, that's it for today time for me to look for a new job, looking for more interesting stories and videos.

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